Panik Entertainment Group was founded in 2011 in Athens, aiming at originality, novelty and differentiation from the current music companies. The main goal of the company has been to discover and present new, talented artists that would make a sensation and give new life to the domestic music industry. Panik Entertainment Group’s prior concern is the representation of young artists and the offering of guidelines so that they make the most of their potential, following and responding to the current music trends and developments in the music industry.

The Group originally started with three different record labels. Panik Records has been focusing on dance, pop, r’n’b and soul music repertoire; Panik Platinum supports the Greek song industry and KnockOut Records deals more with underground Hip Hop and Rap culture. Soon enough the Group made its mark on the entertainment field leaving no room for doubt that PANIK is indeed the fastest growing, and developing company in the internal music industry.

The Group decided to expand its activities by adding three more labels in the existing ones and the dynamics and status of the group skyrocketed as it represented well-established, leading artist. The first one, Panik Gold, has the exclusive representation of the Greek top star, Anna Vissi. Panik Relations which is a branch of Panik Entertainment Group, undertakes the Management of the artists through their representation and promotion. Finally, Panik Live, has the most updated list of contacts in clubs, music scenes and festivals, offering production and event management services. The labels have gained the absolute trust and confidence among its partners regarding the services offered.

Panik Entertainment Group consists of prominent professionals in each department, with many years' experience and represents performers, music producers and composers with record and management contracts.

The group's primary goals include discovering new talents by providing them with the necessary space and conditions they need for their development and creative expression. In addition, the company establishes the name and shapes the professional profile of the artists. The quality of work and the exploitation of opportunities for the representation of established artists as well as the strategic management of up-and-coming performers, gives them the opportunity to make a difference and reach a mass audience based on the most up-to-date musical developments.

Panik Entertainment Group started with the vision of supporting and promoting young artists in the Greek music industry and has managed in a short term to provide the following services:


  • 360º management
  • Image advice / making
  • A&R
  • Music production
  • Digital exploitation worldwide
  • Public Relations & Media Promotion
  • Social Media management
  • Music rights licensing & administration
  • Funding και investment
     and through strategic sponsorship collaborations
  • Logistics
  • Booking και Live events management
  • Merchandise

Panik Entertainment Group changes the domestic music scene and enriches it with the new generation stars, wins over the trust of the greatest artists of our time while it also discovers and licenses international hit-singles and albums. Panik Entertainment Group continues its work in the discovery and development of artists, performers, composers, songwriters, music producers and, of course, perseveres in the development of its potential to reach the top, overcoming any obstacles.